Meet Quiana Hart Downie

Season 1, Episode 5: In this episode, we meet Quiana Hart Downie—an inspiring leader with a decade of diversified experience in business strategy, cyber security, digital transformation and investment banking. Currently, she is the Digital Portfolio Manager in Deloitte’s Office of Strategic Initiatives and has lived, studied and worked in many states across the US. She has also helped military spouses with their careers, is a mother of two boys and the wife of a military JAG officer. Quiana has an MBA from OU’s Price College of Business and a BS in Accounting from Florida A&M.

Quiana Hart Downie

In this webcast, Quiana talks about her journey and her life–the daughter of a veteran and the wife of a military officer–working from Wall Street to Main Street while raising a family. Of course her story would not be complete without the phenomenal work she does, with the help of a supportive network in her firm, to assist spouses of military veterans so they have “not just a job, but a career.” This work has garnered national attention including the Honoring Heroes Award and her nomination as AFI’s Military Spouse of the Year. It’s a great conversation with a genuine leader who is not just helping her career advance but also helping to advance the careers of a forgotten segment of our society, military spouses. Great Final Four too! Tune in! #strategyleader #militaryspouseinitiative #womenintechnology

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