Meet Dr. Mayra Olivares-Urueta

Season 1, Episode 4: In this episode, we meet an inspiring leader in higher education, Dr. Mayra Olivares-Urueta—Dr. OU! She is the Vice President of Student Development Services at Tarrant County College Northeast. She has two degrees from OU—an undergraduate degree in European Studies and Spanish and a master’s degree in Human Relations. She did her PhD in Higher Education from the University of North Texas. In addition to her “regular” job, she is the codeveloper of a blog, MamisOnTheMove, where she and her partner help Latinas, especially mothers, in higher education achieve their career goals.

In this webcast, Mayra talks about her Mexican heritage, the challenges she and her family faced and how they overcame them. Her path to success was not simple, but her dedication to education served as a beacon along the way. It is a path she is leading others, especially those facing challenges, and she talks about how her experiences are helping them. She received one of the highest honors in her profession by being chosen as a 2020-21 Aspen Rising Presidents Fellow by the Aspen Institute. It’s a great conversation with a great leader who is helping to transform the lives of minoritized people through education. Fun Final Four too! Tune in, you won’t be disappointed!


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